Report adverse events

Patients vary in their biologicals reactions to pharmaceutical products. This is why not all adverse events (side effects, e.g. allergic reactions) associated with the use of pharmaceutical products can be detected during clinical development, not even by the most comprehensive clinical trials.

Capturing as many of these adverse reactions, however rare they may be, from worldwide sources is of paramount importance for continued patient and drug safety (pharmacovigilance).

In case you experience any adverse events following the administration of our product(s):

Report an adverse event: email:

NB: All the information and personal data you share with us will be protected and kept confidential in line with our company standard operating procedures and applicable national data protection regulations


Quality compliant

Report a product quality complaint

Quality complaints are regarding the quality of drug product.

Complaints can be about:

  • Packaging material (the bottle is leaking, the cap is difficult to open, the label color is fading, one tablet in the blister is missing,…)
  • The product’s aspect and effect (there is no effect, the tablet or solution color is different, the tablet is broken,…) Whatever it is about, a complaint shows customer dissatisfaction about a product.

In such a case please inform us by:

Report a compliance complaint

Matters concerning Business Ethics, Accounting issues and Fraud, mc Pharma Way, Potential Personal Data Breaches or other matters that involve legal risks and/or other serious risks to mc Pharma should be reported to the Compliance Hotline:

Attn. compliance officer

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